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Rates and Availability

Room Availability

Please have a look at this link for our present Availability Table areas that are shaded brown have been taken on Long Term Bookings, Light Brown are Flat Rate medium term bookings and  areas shaded in blue are "casual" (ad hoc) bookings. This chart is updated on a regular basis, however we are unable to update "real time" so check with us before commiting to a booking with your client as bookings may have changed since the last update.

Room Hire Charges are as follows:-

Casual (Ad Hoc) Booking Rates

    • Each one hour slot                                                      @ 11.25 per hour.
Basic Terms:-
Charges for Casual bookings are billed in arrears
Cancel with 24hrs notice
180 or more of casual bookings a calendar  month earn a 5% discount

Flat Rate Booking Rates
    • Each one hour slot                                                      @ 9.75 per hour.
                    Basic Terms:-
Charges for Flat Rate bookings are billed in arrears
Minimum term Six weeks to a maximum term Six months

Notice after Minimum term is eight days on remaining series
This is a fixed booking for the term of the Flat Rate, and individual session cannot be cancelled.
Long Term  Booking Rates

  one hour per week LT                                @ 9.69ph = 42 per month

  two hours per week LT                             @ 9.46ph = 82 per month

  three hour per week LT                             @ 9.15ph = 119 per month

  four hour per week LT                                @ 9.00ph = 156 per month

  five hour per week LT                                  @ 8.67ph = 188 per month

  six hour per week LT                                    @ 8.38ph = 218 per month

  seven hours per week LT                            @ 8.00ph = 243 per month

  eight hours per week LT                            @ 7.80ph =  270 per month

  nine hours per week LT                              @ 7.80ph = 304 per month

the rate of 7.80 is our lowest rate and applies to eight or nine hours of Long Term bookings per week only.

Basic Terms:-

Charges for Confirmed Long Term Bookings are paid per month in advance and calculated on the basis of number of hours per week times fifty-two weeks divided by twelve months and rounded to the next full pound.
Long Term bookings have a minimum term of six months, early notice incurs a surcharge
Notice is One Calender month at all times however a surcharge will apply if notice ends within the minimum six month term - thereafter there is no surcharge.
This is a fixed booking for the term of the Long Term Booking  and individual session cannot be cancelled.

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